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Hi, how can I export the email to be used with Mac OS email software?

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    ------------------------------- INSTRUCTIONS -------------------------------------

    Lets get started to send HTML email template using MacMail.

    1) When you export your design created using Stampready use ....

    EXPORT -> To Desktop -> Type a name for exporting template -> KEEP IMAGES ONLINE ( do not click "include in folder" option )

    2) Then unzip the exported .zip file to desktop or any folder.

    3) Then open the .html file using web browser ( preferred web browser : Chrome ) inside the extracted folder.

    4) Press Cmd+a to select all the content of the html file. When all the content selected Press Cmd+c to copy the content to clipboard ( or press Right click of the mouse and select copy )

    5) Then open Apple Mail Software... Click "Compose new message" button to open new mail compose window. Click the email body area and Press Cmd+v or ( or press Right click of the mouse and select paste )

    When you paste the content you can see the email template on the email body area of Mac Mail.

    Send the message to your sender.

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