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I have managed to edit the template in stampready and also import into mailchimp. My issue is that the entire email is displaying as full width and it needs to be 600 to 800px wide. Can you please help? Thank you


  • Hi YalandaMedina,

    First of all...thank you for purchasing our email template.

    Currently our template is a full-width email template. 

    But in the live preview on Themeforest marketplace....we are using Stampready builder to showcase our template.
    Stampready builder automatically adding 700px wide frame around the template.

    Full width is not a issue for your email template's preview ability on any email clients.

  • ****NOTE****

    We will launch a new version of Kent email template within next 2 weeks. KEEP IN TOUCH

    1) 700px wide template
    2) With more 158 modules ( all 230 modules ) 
    3) With new hybrid code architecture.

    Also we will launch our own email template online editor/builder with one-click export option to Mailchimp within next 6 months.

    Best Regards,

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