Emails in Iphone are minimised when using stampready to design and export into mailchimp

When creating emails in mailchimp the performace is extremely slow, a real pain, and i dont seem to find the way to change the background images. So I have decided to use stampready to design the mail and them import it into mailchimp. However when i do this emails read in IPhone are minimised. It occupies less than half of the screen and you have to manually zoom in.
Is there any way to resolve this? It is ok when sending mails using the mailchimp template but I cannot change background images.

Any help to resolve one of the both methods would be much appreciated.

many thanks


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    Hi Jonathgs,

    First of all...I apologize for late reply. and thank you for purchasing our email template.

    ----- About performance of Mailchimp inbuilt editor ----------------------

    Kent Email Template have 72 modules, that why its slow ...when you using it with Mailchimp built-in editor. 

    ( But other ESP such as CampaignMonitor/Stampready built-in editors works well with all modules. ) 

    Mailchimp built-in editor. is slow-down the whole process of adding modules because Mailchimp cannot handle all 72 modules.

    And also Mailchimp built-in editor doesn't allow you to change the background images without change the code using their code view.

    Solution is use template with Stampready Drag & Drop Builder..... 

    Because next month we add more modules ...  more 128 modules.

    You already using Stampready Drag & Drop Builder ! 


  • ----- About iPhone Error ----------------------

    To solve this problem, I want some information....

    1) What is the OS version of your iPhone ?
    2) What is your email client app that you are using to view email ?  example: Apple Mail/Gmail App etc.
    3) Please send me your Stampready exported .zip file. (that you imported into Mailchimp).
    4) If you can get a screenshot of shrunk email. Please send that screenshot.

    Again.... I apologize for any inconvenience caused ! 

    Best Regards,

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