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Dear UX E Mail,

I have bought your email Template KENT from But after installing a unmodifyd version on Mailchimp mailchimp start getting realy slow. So if i add some assets it works after 2 of 3 minutes of waiting. But it happens with everything i add in the drag and drop editor. 

Can u slove this? Becouse its impossible the work with the template at the time.  


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    Hi Extreamspeed,

    First of all... Thank you for purchasing our email template.

    Kent Email Template have 72 modules, that why its slow ...when you using it with Mailchimp built-in editor. 

    ( But other ESP such as CampaignMonitor/Stampready built-in editors works well with all modules. ) 

    Mailchimp built-in editor. is slow-down the whole process of adding modules because Mailchimp cannot handle all 72 modules.

    And also Mailchimp built-in editor doesn't allow you to change the background images without change the code using their code view.


    For the time being... Only solution is use template with Stampready Drag & Drop Builder..... 

    Because next month we add more modules ...  more 128 modules.

    Plan and Edit/Change the contents/images/colors/background images of your entire email template using Stampready Drag & Drop Builder.

    So you have to plan and change the email template and add the specific modules that you really need rather than all modules in the email template.

    Use Stampready Builder as your primary email builder because it has lot more features to edit email templates than Mailchimp built-in editor.

    Then export it to Mailchimp Editor.


    Stampready builder is completely free for edit templates/save templates/export templates...

    Create a free account using your email address.

    They only charged if you send emails using their service.

    Using StampReady online builder you can …...

    Drag and drop modules.

    Change Background Image easily.

    Change colors of elements of email templates… example: text content, background, borders, button

    Change size of text content

    Design your own layout variations.

    Customize text content / images / icons / links.

    Send an email for test purposes.

    Save your template layout. You can add, duplicate, edit or delete any modules later.

    You can also export your template to your Desktop as a HTML template file.

    You can use your exported template file with Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor services.

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    When you using Stampready Drag & Drop Builder.

    After edit your template as per your requirements. Save your template layout. You can add, duplicate, edit or delete any modules later.

    Then export that template using ....."EXPORT -> To Desktop"  Option.

    Give a name for your template and click .... “INCLUDE IN FOLDER”  Option ( do not click “KEEP IMAGES ONLINE” )

    Refer following youtube video..... or Refer "BUILDER TO MAILCHIMP" article on our documentation file.

    But at the end when using export option ( do not click “KEEP IMAGES ONLINE” ) click .... “INCLUDE IN FOLDER” Option.

    I apologize for any inconvenience caused ! 

    If you have further question please feel free to ask ! 

    Best Regards,
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