1.8.1 template??? Where to download as old version is breaking.


We keep trying to email you but your email support@uxmail.com keeps bouncing back?

 We have just renewed  Kent - Responsive Email Set + StampReady Online Builder support with you.

 We would like to download version 1.8.1 but we cannot see where we can download it? The documentation says it is 1.5 when we download it from our account. We are having issues with Outlook at the moment.


Please advise where we can download the updated code.






  • Hi,

    Our email address- support@uxmail.com is not working due some Dreamhost email server error at the moment.
    You can use uxemailonline@gmail.com for further questions.

    I apologize for any inconvenience caused !

    Actually the documentation version name is a mistake. But the template is up–to–date. 
    Now we also updated the version name of documentation.

    What are issues with Outlook please explain.

    If you have further question please feel free to ask !

    Best Regards,
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