SendGrid Export for Template

When I purchased this builder from TF, the main reason was to use the template export for SendGrid. However, I cannot figure out how to do this other than C/Ping HTML.

What's the best way to do this?


  • Hi mvttco,

    First of all, thank you so much for purchasing our template.

    -- Best way to use template with Send Grid --

    Use Stampready Builder as your primary email builder because it has lot more features to edit email templates than Send Grid inbuilt editor.

    Stampready builder is completely free for edit templates/save templates/export templates...
    Create a free account using your email address.

    Using Stampready Builder you can ....

    Drag and Drop modules easily.
    Change Background Image easily.
    Change colors of elements of email templates... example: text content, background, borders, button
    Change size of text content
    Design your own layout variations.
    Customize text content / images / icons / links.
    Send an email for test purposes.
    You can also export your template to your Desktop as a HTML template file.
    You can use your exported template file with Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor services.

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    After edit your template as per your requirements. Save your template layout. You can add, duplicate, edit or delete any modules later.

    Then export that template using ....."EXPORT -> To Desktop"  Option.
    Give a name for your template and click .... "KEEP IMAGES ONLINE"  Option

    Refer following youtube video.....

    Then extract the exported .zip file open the .html file ( that has name that you given earlier ) using a text editor ( ex: Recommended text editor is Sublime Text for Mac & PC download free )

    *do not use any word processing software.

    "Select All" & Copy all HTML code inside the .html document.

    Refer following youtube video.....

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    Then login to Send Grid Account...

    Refer following youtube video to add your email template.

    More info : Official Documentation of Send Grid -

    If you have further question please feel free to ask !

    Best Regards,
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